self awareness

What is Awareness?

Awareness means paying conscious attention to yourself and everything that happens around you. Feeling every breath, perceiving every thought, sensing the touch, tasting the food, hearing every sound, and paying attention to everything around is awareness. It is said that all material and non-material things are abundant in the universe and can be achieved by directing one’s awareness towards them. Hence it is said that.

“Awareness is the gateway to almost everything.”

What is Self-awareness?

Self-awareness is the basis of the overall well-being of the individual. All dimensions of our life, i.e., physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being, go through self-awareness, and yoga is one way to achieve it.

When you act with self-awareness, you are in a balanced state where all your senses become so strong that you can think better, feel better, see better, taste better, and can hear better.

What is the importance of Self-awareness?

The way to reach the depths of the mind is through awareness of the self. You can better understand and feel your emotions like joy, happiness, anger, fear, sadness, trust, etc., and can control them only when you are conscious. Self-awareness opens up every layer of your mind, improves the quality of thoughts, and relaxes the mind.

Every path of materialistic and non-materialistic things like meditation, spirituality, and everything goes through awareness.

How to become self-aware?

Self-awareness is hidden within oneself and can be discovered when the mind is in eternal peace. However, you can take some practice to build self-awareness so that you can be more focused and attentive.

Here are some practices to become self-aware:

Pay attention to all senses: We are usually living in auto-mode, where we do all our daily tasks subconsciously. At Shoolin Yogpeeth, we guide you to be attentive to all your senses so that you can consciously feel, see, hear, smell, and taste at all times.

Conscious Eating:Conscious eating is the practice of maintaining awareness at all times while eating or drinking anything. This involves observing the aroma, taste, quantity, and satisfaction each time the food or drink is consumed. Thus, being careful while eating will enhance good health and positive energy in your life.

Take Your Actions Slowly to the importance of self awareness

When you eat slowly, talk slowly, walk slowly, and complete other daily tasks at a slightly slower pace than usual, you’ll be able to pay more attention and be more self-aware. It will also help align the thoughts of the mind with the functions of the body.

Practicing Silence: Establishing a much deeper connection with your inner being and bringing about self-awareness requires the practice of outer and inner silence at least one day a week. Otherwise, try to use fewer words once a week, meditate for a few moments, and calm your mind frequently. When you come out of the silence, you will see that everything is happening very effectively and consciously.

Paying attention to the breath: Paying attention to each breath helps to become self-aware, as it, on the one hand, relaxes your mind while, on the other, sends you into a meditative state. Taking deep breaths for a certain amount of time every day also has many physical benefits and gives you amazing relaxation.

You do not need any extra time to do all these exercises, but you do need to be attentive to raise your level of consciousness.

Engaging in yoga and meditation at our Traditional Yoga School in Rishikesh India will help you become more self-aware and feel exactly where you want to be.